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Strategic Solutions on the Future of Membership

As a thought leader and author on the topics of generational shifts, workforce trends, and change management, Sarah Sladek provides the strategy and next-gen intelligence organizations need to successfully plan their futures, foster collaborative cultures, and realize unprecedented growth. Sarah has been presenting professionally since 2006. Her presentations deliver a thought-provoking blend of trends, research, and strategies key to an organization's future success.

Author, Keynote Speaker, Historical Interpreter, Minister, Award-Winning Actress, and CEO of M.A.M. Inc.

Morgan’s mission is to empower, educate, and entertain her respective audiences. She uses comedy and drama to connect with her audiences and expose social woes. As an African American woman, Morgan has encountered racism and sexism, so she decided to use her life experiences to write, "Evolution of a Black Girl...". She has a second show, “She’s Got Issues” which addresses sexism, domestic violence, human trafficking, and breast cancer. Her third show, The Cry of the Fatherless, emphasizes the importance of adoption.

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