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2021 Programs

NAWBO Richmond is now running TWO special promotions during October and November! First, we're gifting our members with one complimentary ticket to any event of their choosing! Second, members may bring a first-time guest to any event free of charge! Now you can invite a fellow woman business owner from your network to fall in love with NAWBO Richmond and benefit from our fantastic line-up of programming! 

Simply pick a program from our list of upcoming events (linked below), and feel free to register a guest of your choosing -  preferably a non-member who would benefit from getting to know NAWBO!

*If a promo code is required, please email info@nawborichmond.org!


Local Events

National Events


    • 11/09/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Elizabeth Ndungu worked at a Fortune 500 company for thirteen years. During that time, she fostered a culture that resulted in great teamwork and award-winning teams. In fact, her teams consistently won financial, operational, and staff service awards. 

    How did she do it? She focused on fostering a kindness inspired mindset at work.

    Today, Elizabeth is the owner of a consulting company which specializes in teaching the kindness mindset and approach, and how to use it to significantly improve teamwork and a company’s bottom line. 

    In this session you will learn the role kindness plays in creating fun workplaces and highly successful companies. Whether you manage a team of many or a team of one, Elizabeth has tremendous insights to share on channeling your passions to make work more fun, increase profit and operating efficiencies, and engage your employees and clients.

    We hope you can join us for this exciting event! 

    About the Speaker

    Elizabeth Ndungu is the founder of Ndungu Consulting, and Chief Visionary Officer for Kindness Inspired, LLC.  A thirteen-year veteran at a Fortune 500 Hospitality company, she created the Kindness Incorporator movement which celebrates kindness wherever she sees it, and becomes kindness whenever she does not. 

    The movement is spreading globally and creating Kindness Incorporators in every part of the world.

    Elizabeth is a NAWBO Richmond NEXT GEN member, and is currently studying for her Masters Program at Columbia University in New York on a hybrid program titled: Information, Knowledge and Strategy.

    For more information about Elizabeth and her work, click here!

    • 11/09/2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Presented by: Tanika Vital-Pringle

    • Tanika is Founder and Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Rebirth, a purpose-driven brand consulting and learning agency. Tanika started her career on Wall Street 20 years ago as Asst. V.P at J.P. Morgan Chase and spent a decade of her career in brand management at Royal Dutch Shell. Her metrics-centered methods have generated over $100 Million in her career and enabled her to successfully develop, manage and launch billion-dollar valued brands.

    • This presentation will equip Femmepreneurs (Women-Owned Businesses) and Intrapreneurs with the knowledge, insights, and tools to increase effectiveness in the marketplace through the appropriate use of Branding and Marketing.  Key outcomes include:
      • Become a more strategic thinker and guardian for your company brand
      • Demonstrate ability to identify brand attributes
      • Incite inspiration to become a better informed femmepreneur who successfully builds and markets her brand
      • Understand the financial role authenticity plays in branding
      • Clarify benefits and recognize dimensions of brand storytelling and marketing
      • Understand the main differences between branding and marketing

    • 11/12/2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Virtual
    Registration is closed

    November is a time of gratitude and gathering and we want to share how thankful we are for you! Cozy up, grab a cup of coffee, and get to know the amazing members and friends of NAWBO Richmond! This virtual networking event will include an introduction to NAWBO Richmond Board members, highlight new members, and include breakout rooms to network with each other and make new business connections. We will also be doing a referral swap and an exclusive giveaway for one lucky registrant! 

    • 11/30/2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Presented by: Zeena Dhalla 

      Zeena Dhalla is a Postural Alignment Specialist and Certified Ergonomics Specialist in Orange County, California and is the Founder of VerticAlign Posture Coaching. Zeena graduated with a BS from Northwestern University and has multiple certifications from organizations such as the National Postural Institute and the Egoscue Method of Postural Alignment.

      Zeena Dhalla will review the benefits of integrating a posture and ergonomics program into your work force. The presentation will highlight the science around posture therapy and ergonomics and how it can benefit workers, especially those working from home. We will review good posture and what it looks like, common posture deviations and how sitting posture and ergonomics can impact musculoskeletal disorders.  We will also review the economics behind the implementation of these programs on workers compensation claims. The presentation will also include some exercises that can be implemented as “ergo breaks” into the work day to improve posture and productivity.

      • What is good posture
      • What are common postural deviations
      • How does sitting posture and ergonomics impact MSD’s
      • What exercises can I do in my day to correct my posture

        • 01/11/2022
        • 12:00 PM
        • Virtual

        Presented by: René Massey of NAWBO Greater Raleigh

          Learn how to build company culture with organizational alignment to meet and welcome clients; gap analysis to find out what your company may need to bring in new clients; training and communication to achieve ROI; and tools to sustain a new business system.

          René is a founding principal and president of The SalesBoost Companies. René has over 25 years of experience in professional services sales, leading to the development of Dots Grow, a digital platform used by service companies to bring in new clients. René’s early career responsibilities included new business and leadership roles in managed health care in various states, including opening new market offices.

          • 01/25/2022
          • 12:00 PM
          • Virtual

          Presented by: Arezou Kohan of NAWBO NYC

            Walk away knowing exactly who you are when you are in your peak state and how to get there in minutes. Learn how to recognize what’s depleting you and robbing of your life force energy. Finally, discover how to establish boundaries to protect your time and energy, so you can make more money by doing less. It’s all energy. Your productivity is a product of your energy. Money is an exchange of energy.

             Arezou is a former Los Angeles litigator and mediator turned transformational leader, healer, advisor, intuitive life-business coach and strategist. She is passionate about elevating women into positions of leadership, influence, power and philanthropy. Arezou offers remote private coaching and counseling sessions that are custom-tailored to the client’s needs. She also offers an 8-week online branding and business-building course to empower you to step up into your future self.

            • 02/15/2022
            • 12:00 PM
            • Virtual

            Presented By:  Melissa Lopez-Larson, MD of NAWBO Salt Lake City 

            There is a mental health crisis in our country and our youth are being affected disproportionately more than adults. However, with the rapidly changing physical, social and emotional development with subsequent changes in moods, anxiety and behaviors, it is often hard for parents to know when they should be concerned about their child. Furthermore, parents are not sure where to look for help or what kind of help is needed. Learn the typical changes that occur in our youth as they grow older as well as the major warning signs of mental health issues in children and adolescents that all parents should be aware of. Then, explore the vast ecosystem of care that is available to help you get your child back on track. Also, discuss the key elements of being a leader at work and at home to help raise healthy children.

            • 02/15/2022
            • 12:00 PM
            • Virtual

            NAWBO Leadership Academy
            Winter 2022

            Our NAWBO members are busy women entrepreneurs who not only run their own businesses, but many are also in leadership positions in their local NAWBO chapters. They care who supports their community of women business owners through NAWBO. They want to do business with these businesses; and refer others to do the same. That’s why you won’t want to miss the opportunity to personally connect with these women business owners and leaders by sponsoring and participating in the NAWBO Leadership Academy in January.

            Joy Mason

            Joy E. Mason is a successful business owner and dynamic speaker from Indiana. Joy is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Strategist who worked at Eli Lilly for most of her career in Quality leadership roles. After retiring in 2017, Joy established Optimist Business Solutions, a training and consulting firm that helps organizations optimize results by leveraging six sigma and lean strategies. She is currently applying organizational change management and continuous improvement strategies to enhance DEI effectiveness. Joy’s DEI consulting focuses on diversity data and equitable/inclusive systems. Joy wrote: 5 Steps to Sustainable Solutions for Women in Business in 2019, and she recently launched an academy to certify Black Women in six sigma to drive community and workforce solutions across business, education, and non-profit sectors.

            Sherri McManus

            Chief Operating Officer

            Sherri McManus has Master's in Organizational Management, and 19 years in management, training, teaching, and coaching. She has skilled and seasoned experience with personal and professional development. Sherri is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Corporate Trainer and is instrumental in connecting The Lou Everett Group to you and your personal and professional needs. She is also a Certified Trainer in the DISC Method of human behavior analysis. One of Sherri’s passions is telling her personal and inspirational near-death story on the result of poor leadership in hopes of positively impacting the Leadership landscape. Sherri's passion is seeing that 'ah-ha' moment in the eyes of those she trains and coaches - truly Transforming Today’s Leaders!

            Jeanette M. Willis

            Owner, Advantage Professional Training, Inc; Executive Director, Advantage Adoptions - OCOC

            Experience: 25+ years in non-profit management and adoption services; National speaker and presenter Education: BS, Southern University, Baton Rouge, La.; US Army retired Certifications: Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Special Needs Adoption, and PRIDE Train-the-Trainer. Family: Husband, Joel (25 years strong); biological, adoptive and kinship parents to four children and one grandchild. Interests: Jeanette loves God, family, helping others, music and singing! She recognizes that only God loves her singing!

            • 03/01/2022
            • 12:00 PM
            • Virtual

            Presented By:  Michele Berdinis of NAWBO NYC

            Virtually every business has a trademark whether they know it or not. Learn what a trademark is and is not and how to pick a trademark that will be a strong foundation for your business to build on and keep you out of trouble. Main takeaways include: What is a trademark? What’s the difference between ® and TM and SM? How is a trademark different from other types of intellectual property? What kinds of trademarks have strong legal rights? What kinds of trademarks will get you into trouble? How long does a trademark last?

            Michele graduated from Brown University in 1981 and from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1985. Michele has been practicing intellectual property and business law for over 25 years. Until a few years ago, Michele was a partner at a boutique firm where she represented startups from formation to acquisition. Now, she’s having a blast doing her own startup, Beeline Legal. Michele is a frequent speaker on how to keep your business out of legal trouble.

            • 03/15/2022
            • 12:00 PM
            • Virtual

            Presented By: Stephanie Korczynski of NAWBO Charlotte

            Uncover the secrets to quality presentation design and delivery that will leave your audience craving more. In this presentation, you will learn: The #1 reason people disengage and how to avoid it; three design tips for visually appealing slides; and how to create a stellar opening that captures and keeps your audience’s attention.

            Stephanie is a business and communications coach, award-winning public speaker and founder of The KORE Company. With over 11 years of experience creating engagement for top celebrities and executives, she is an expert storyteller, a natural born leader and master communicator.

            • 03/29/2022
            • 12:00 PM
            • Virtual

            Presented By: Gina Studer of NAWBO Columbus

            Attain goal setting and time management strategies to help you grow your business and to hold you accountable to achieve these goals.

            Gina’s mission is to empower people to make positive change in their professional lives. Through career coaching, she works with career changers, career advancers and those in transition providing clarity, uncovering roadblocks and enabling forward motion. Having experienced many transitions herself, Gina knows what it feels like to be in her clients’ shoes. With a background in sales and marketing, she equips clients with strategic tools providing them with confidence.

            • 06/07/2022
            • 12:00 PM
            • 06/08/2022
            • 5:00 PM
            • The Westin Washington DC - City Center 1400 M St NW Washington, DC

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